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2nd Annual Campus Safety Symposium
From Prevention to Response:
A Multi-Departmental Approach

The 2nd Annual Campus Safety Symposium, "From Prevention to Response: A Multi-Departmental Approach," was held on Wednesday, June 25, 2008, and attended by more than 300 representatives of Massachusetts public and private higher education institutions. The event was hosted by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, in cooperation with the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security and the Executive Office of Health and Human Services, at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

The event was designed to benefit college administrators, faculty and staff in mental health/counseling, student services/affairs, law enforcement, information technology, and all others engaged in the safety and security of students, faculty and staff at institutions of higher education.

Best Practices Report

The Symposium included the release of an outside consultant report, Campus Violence Prevention and Response: Best Practices from Massachusetts Higher Education (.PDF), as prepared by consultant Applied Risk Management, LLC. The study is relevant to both public and private higher education institutions within Massachusetts and nationwide as it focuses on prevention and multi-departmental cooperation in ensuring the safety and security of students, faculty, and staff.

Keynote Speakers

This year’s keynote speakers focused on student centeredness and its importance in preventing campus violence and maintaining campus safety:

  • Student Centeredness and Campus Climate
    Dr. J. Keith Motley, Chancellor, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Violence Prevention (.PPT)
    Dr. James Alan Fox, The Lipman Family Professor of Criminal Justice and Professor of Law, Policy and Society, Northeastern University
  • Emergency Response (.PPT)
    Dr. Roger DePue, Founder, The Academy Group, Inc.

Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions focused on prevention and early detection, physical security, electronic security, and procedural security. Some of the sessions' PowerPoint files are available on the Presentations page.


In FY08, the Board of Higher Education received a state appropriation for campus violence prevention initiatives, and established a Campus Safety and Violence Prevention Work Group to seek collaboration on moving forward on this initiative. The Work Group, which includes representatives from public safety, mental health, public health, law enforcement, counseling services and each segment of the Massachusetts public higher education system  met in September 2007 and collectively agreed to engage a consultant to study and prepare a report around campus safety initiatives within the public higher education system in Massachusetts, as well as a "best practices" survey of similar systems nationwide. After review of ten proposals, the Work Group chose Applied Risk Management, Inc. to conduct this study and prepare a report, which will be presented at the Campus Safety Symposium.



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