Changes to Existing Academic Programs

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Program Name Changes

Changes in the name of an existing program require approval by the Deputy Commissioner for Academic Affairs and Student Success, as the designee of the Commissioner, upon limited staff review. In submitting a name change request form, the institution should include curriculum information and reason for the request. In submitting a name change request that would result in renaming an existing concentration (or minor) to a degree, also include for the preceding three years, program enrollment data by concentration, graduation data, alumni outcome data (job placement or enrollment in further study), copy of the accreditation review report received within the preceding three years, and most recent accreditation status letter. The program accreditation must be from an accrediting body that is a member of the Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors.

Suspended or Discontinued Programs

An institution is to notify the Commissioner of Higher Education in writing if it suspends or discontinues, or reactivates a suspended or discontinued academic program or a minor, concentration, track, or option within a program. When a program is suspended or discontinued, it will be removed from the Board of Higher Education’s inventory of active, authorized programs. A program suspended or discontinued may be reactivated with written notice to the Commissioner of Higher Education and the approval of the Board of Higher Education.

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