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Employer Contribution Update: N/A

Pay Period End Date: N/A

Funds for this contribution should be transferred to the program providers within three to five business days from the date of this update. Your provider may require several additional days to process the allocation and post the funds to your account.

UPDATE October 24, 2017

TIAA Letter – Employer Contribution for July 8

TIAA mistakenly mailed a letter to all of its ORP customers, reporting that the Commonwealth did not remit the ORP Employer Contribution to participant accounts.

This is not true.

TIAA reports posting the “July 8” Employer Contribution to participant accounts on October 3.

As noted below, the Dept. of Higher Education is working to return the remittance of Employer Contributions to its normal, biweekly schedule. We are uploading the allocation files for the September 16 pay period today, and expect to remit the funds on Friday the 27th.

Please direct any questions you may have about this situation to the Plan’s email address: orp@bhe.mass.edu.

UPDATE October 19, 2017

Delays in Allocating Employer Contributions

We are recovering from the systems and human resource issues that slowed our remittances over the past several months and have begun a schedule to “catch up” during the month of October.

Closing the fiscal year came with some challenges. But that is done and behind us.

We were able to remit and post the Employer Contribution for these pay periods:

We are submitting the allocation files to the Providers for the Sept. 2 pay period on Oct. 19; and are scheduled to remit the funds on Monday, October 23.

Thank you for your patience as we get back on track.