Admissions Standards

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Stay Current with Admissions Standards

Admissions standards have changed for in-state and out-of-state students entering college in fall 2016 and fall 2017. Please review the PDF Comprehensive Admissions Standards Guide to learn more about the changes, which include a greater number of math and science courses.

Note that these standards are minimum requirements. Meeting the minimum standards does not guarantee admission, since admissions officers consider a wide range of factors when reviewing students’ applications, and the state universities and UMass campuses can establish additional requirements. Contacting the colleges directly may provide additional information.

PDF New Admissions Standards Fact Sheet

State Universities and University of Massachusetts

The admissions standards for the state universities and University of Massachusetts emphasize strong academic preparation while in high school. These standards represent minimum requirements; meeting them does not guarantee admission, since college officials consider a wide range of factors in admissions decisions.

The admissions standards for freshmen applicants to the state universities and University of Massachusetts have several components:

PDF Comprehensive Admissions Standards Reference Guide
PDF Admissions Standards FAQs

*Note: In Fall 2013, the Board of Higher Education (BHE) allowed for a period of experimentation and authorized the use of new criteria for placement in developmental education and college-level courses (AAC 14-12).  In January 2016, the BHE voted to extend this period of experimentation and focus efforts on GPA placement standards for recent high school graduates (AAC 16-19). The Department of Higher Education is collecting data and will make a recommendation to the BHE in late Fall 2018 to consider modifying existing policies as necessary.