100 Males to College: Brotherhood for College Success

100 Males to College was created in 2015 by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education to increase college access, enrollment, retention, and success for low-income students and students of color, particularly young men, to positively impact their prospects for success in college and career. The program leverages community and campus resources in a collective impact model so that public higher education institutions, school districts, community and business partners, and political leadership work together to provide additional targeted supports for these young people. The project theory of action is anchored in strengthening young people through a positive youth development model that embraces culture, identity and community by engaging some of our Commonwealth’s most promising yet underserved young people in a personally and educationally transformational journey.

Project elements include:



As of Fall 2018, there are five 100 Males to College programs in Massachusetts supported by a DHE Performance Incentive Fund (PIF) Grant.


The first 100 Males to College cohort began in April 2015 in Springfield as a partnership among Springfield Public Schools, the Department of Higher Education (DHE), Springfield Technical Community College, Westfield State University, and the University of Massachusetts - Amherst. As of May 2018, 409 students have participated in the program, representing all five district high schools as well as alternative high schools. Of those students, 100% graduated from high school and 95% enrolled in college. The remaining five percent went into the military or directly into the workforce.   

Program Contact

James Lightfoot
Academic Counselor, Advisor Liaison
School of Business and Information Technologies
Springfield Technical Community College
413) 755-4330.

Yolanda Johnson
Executive Officer for Student Services
Springfield Public School
(413) 787-7021.


In February 2016, the second branch 100 Males to College launched in Framingham. 100 Males Framingham now is serving juniors, seniors and college attending freshman from Framingham High School, Keefe Regional Technical High School, Marlborough High School and Boston International. This cohort is a result of a partnership between school districts and Framingham State University, Massachusetts Bay Community College, MetroWest College Planning Collaborative, MetroWest Boys and Girls Club, Metrowest YMCA, Framingham Housing Authority and Jewish Family Services. As of September 2018, the program has served 305 students. So far all of the program participants have graduated from high school with 85% of them going on to college. Many of the remaining participants went into the National Guard or AmeriCorps, returned to their country of origin, or entered the workforce.

Program Contact

Colleen Coffee
Executive Director
MetroWest College Planning Center
Framingham State University
(508) 215-5600.


The Brockton program launched in Spring 2017, supported by a DHE Performance Incentive Fund (PIF) grant. The consortium consists of Bridgewater State University, Massasoit Community College, Brockton Public Schools, and Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School. Program components included in-depth mentoring provided by college students, an interactive curriculum focused on increasing student success and college readiness, partnerships with community groups and families to support students’ success.  As of January 2019, 100% of eligible seniors have graduated from high school. 87.5% of our graduating seniors were accepted to college.

Program Contact

Sabrina Gentlewarrior
Vice President, Student Success and Diversity
Bridgewater State University
(508) 531-1429


The Worcester program launched in Spring 2017 and involves Worcester Public Schools, Worcester State University, and Quinsigamond Community College. The program offers mentoring, dual enrollment, remediation, wrap-around services, and more to 100 junior and senior students from the Worcester Public Schools. This program includes activities designed to encourage college attendance and completion. Of the students who were seniors in high school, 100% graduated from high school and 95% enrolled in college. The remaining 5% enrolled in Job Corps.   

Program Contact

Ryan Forsythe
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Worcester State University
(508) 929-8498.


In January 2018, the Department of Higher Education awarded a Performance Incentive Fund grant to launch 100 Males to College program in Salem. The Salem consortium team members include Northern Essex Community College, North Shore Community College, Lawrence High School, Lynn Public Schools, Salem High School, the Lynn YMCA and Leap for Education. The first program cohort attracted 48 sophomores and juniors.

Program Contact

Gail Gasparich
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Salem State University
(978) 542-6265

Other Regional Partnerships

The Department of Higher Education is currently working with partners in business, community and K-12 systems across the state to expand into other low-income districts.

For more information about how to start a 100MTC program in your community, contact Keith Connors, Director of Academic Affairs and Student Success, at (617) 994-6911 or kconnors@dhe.mass.edu.

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