Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment

Funded by the Commonwealth since 2007, the Massachusetts Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative (MAICEI) offers grants to college-school partnerships to support eligible public high school students with intellectual disabilities, ages 18–22, to increase their academic and career success by being included in a college or university community of learners. 

Students with intellectual disabilities who are eligible for the program must be between the ages of:

  • 18 to 22, have not passed MCAS, and are eligible for special education services as documented through an Individualized Education Program (IEP); or
  • 20 to 21, have passed MCAS, but are still eligible for special education with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) because of significant functional disabilities, transition needs, etc.

Evidence shows that students benefit academically and transition to young adulthood more readily when they have the opportunity to engage in all college-related activities (e.g., establishing new social networks, participating in campus-wide events, learning to use public transportation to and from campus, completing course assignments, obtaining employment) rather than staying at high school. Student participation in this grant program may be incorporated into a student’s transition program, as determined through the school district’s special education process.

Grant activities include transition support to student participants and their families. In addition, public high school personnel involved in the grant program gain valuable knowledge about promising inclusive practices through technical assistance and trainings.

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