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Registering for Classes

Every student has an academic adviser who can help you choose classes and make sure you stay on track. If you are thinking about changing your major, adding a minor or studying abroad you should check in with them first. If you are thinking about dropping a class, you should check to make sure it is within the 'add/drop' period at your school and talk to your adviser to ensure you formally ‘drop’ the course. If you do not correctly drop the course, it could have a long-term negative impact on your transcript.

Campus Resources

If you are struggling with academics, getting stressed out, feeling unhealthy or having other issues when you arrive on campus you should seek help. Most colleges have resources for students in all of these areas, you just may not know about it! Some common resources you may need during your time in college include:

Tutoring or writing center: Most colleges have a free tutoring or writing center for students on campus. They are there to provide a range of academic services- whether you need extra help in a class, an editor to look over your work or someone to help you through writer's block.

Career center: Career centers are not just for graduating students looking for a job. They can help you pick a major, land internships, write a cover letter and edit your resume.

Health services: Chances are you will get sick or need medical help at least once while you are at school. The doctors and nurses at on-campus health centers provide medical services and education. They can treat illness and injury, give immunization shots and perform medical tests.

Campus counseling center: Colleges generally offer free counseling for a set number of sessions or semesters. If you need more than that, they can refer you to off-campus mental health professionals.

Paying for College

The cost of college goes beyond tuition. You will need to find ways to pay for room and board, textbooks, and additional fees while you are in school. To do this, work with your parents and financial aid administrators at your school to discuss your options, and apply for scholarships and grants. Even if you received a scholarship freshman year, you may need to reapply to get the award again.

You need to fill out your FAFSA every year to be eligible for financial aid!

If you were awarded the GEAR UP Scholarship, or any other state or federal financial aid, you must submit the FAFSA every year to continue receiving it. You can fill out the FAFSA online here, and get help filling it out on the Federal Student Aid website.

Buy used, or rent textbooks to save money

Use websites like Chegg, Barnes and Noble and Amazon to find used books online or rent books for a semester. You may also be able to buy e-books, borrow books from friends or check out books from the school library to save money. Just remember to check with your professor before buying different editions or versions of the required textbook.

Resources For Students
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