Procedural & Administrative Requirements

The plan administrator will comply with the following notice and procedural rules when a Domestic Relations Order is received:

  1. Written notice of receipt of a Domestic Relations Order will be given to the participant and alternate payee and/or their legal representatives, as applicable, within 30 days of receipt along with the internet site (URL) to these procedures and the plan’s summary plan description. The notice of receipt will also indicate that the parties may elect to receive a paper copy of these procedures, the summary plan description and the plan document.
  2. After the Domestic Relations Order is received, the plan administrator will establish a separate file for the alternate payee and make a notation in the participant’s file about the order, along with a copy of the order that has been submitted to the plan.
  3. The plan administrator will determine whether the order is or is not approved within a reasonable time frame and provide notice to both parties of such determination. This timeframe should not exceed 180 days from the date the Domestic Relations Order is received.
  4. No segregation of assets will be made pending the determination whether an order is an ADRO, and the participant will continue to have ownership (and investment rights) regarding his/her account(s) under the plan.
  5. Once it is determined that the order is an ADRO, the plan administrator will notify the participant, alternate payee and/or their legal representatives, as applicable. The plan administrator will also notify the provider(s) to make the appropriate distribution under the ADRO to the alternate payee, if applicable.


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