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To submit additional information with your complaint/inquiry, please select one of the links below to download the form and mail or fax the completed form with copies of your supporting documentation.

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Please describe your complaint/inquiry in detail, below. Include all relevant names and other information, and describe any action you have taken to resolve this matter and how the institution or agency responded to you.


Under most circumstances, the text of your complaint/inquiry will be considered a public record, a copy of which is available to any member of the public upon request. However, your name, address, phone number, and any other information that identifies you will not be disclosed. Furthermore, no part of your complaint/inquiry will be discussed in response to a request that asks specifically for a complaint/inquiry submitted by you.

A higher education institution's Board of Trustees has responsibilities for establishing and enforcing the policies necessary for the management of the institution under its authority. Therefore, in accordance with Board of Higher Education policy and regulations, upon receipt of a complaint/inquiry concerning an institution, Board of Higher Education staff will refer the complaint/inquiry to the institution for clarification and response. The Board of Higher Education attempts to provide an avenue for informal resolution of matters concerning institutions and cannot require an institution to take any specific action in a matter or providelegal advice.

If you have any questions regarding completing a form or on the status of a submitted complaint/inquiry, please contact the Board of Higher Education's legal office.