Middlesex Community College

Photograph of participant students

“Devan had a great first day, and really enjoyed her Piano class and her teacher. She is making a lot of friends, and really likes her peers and support staff. As a parent, this truly is a day that you look forward to and then reflect back on.

“As a mother of four, it was always my hope that Devan would attend college just like her other three siblings. She saw her sisters and brother all move out and go off to college, and she wanted to go to college as well. Her entire family is so very happy for her. I cannot thank you enough for helping her with this transition, and I could not imagine a better program that suits her needs. I am very impressed, and look forward to seeing Devan learn and grow at Middlesex. Thank you again for all that you do.”

—Audrey, Parent

Program Overview

The Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment (ICE) Program at Middlesex Community College began in 2014 under the leadership of President Carole Cowan. This dual enrollment opportunity serves high school students with severe intellectual disabilities, ages 18* to 21, who attend a participating school district. The program directly aligns with MCC’s mission statement, values, and strategic direction to “drive innovation, enrich community and broaden the learning experience for all by fulfilling our shared responsibility for diversity.”  (*18-19 year old students must not have passed MCAS)

Students who are appropriate for MCC’s MAICEI Program are enrolled in a partner school and are interested in working and improving their job skills, auditing college courses, increasing independence, participating in co-curricular activities, and receiving support from Educational Coaches and Peer Mentors. Partner schools include the Bedford Public Schools and the LABBB Educational Collaborative which serves students in seventy communities.

Participating students spend two to three full days each week on campus, and work in the community on other days. A typical day at Middlesex includes students traveling to/from campus using public transportation, attending classes and campus activities, completing assignments, having lunch, exercising and socializing. Students enrolled in the program have full access to MCC clubs, student activities, Fitness Center and academic resources, as well as selective co-curricular events at UMass Lowell.

Students enrolled in MCC’s MAICEI Program are supported by Educational Coaches, an Employment Specialist, Peer Mentors, the Program Coordinator, Student Support Services, and the Center for Health & Wellness.

Participating School Districts

For more information, contact:

Dawn Gross
Coordinator, Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative
Middlesex Community College
591 Springs Road
Bedford, MA  01730
(781) 280-3769

Patric Barbieri
Executive Director
LABBB Collaborative
36 Middlesex Turnpike
Bedford, MA  01730
(339) 222-5615

“When our son was diagnosed with autism, our dreams for his future died. A few years ago we drove by Middlesex Community College and Brian told me he wanted to go there for college. Tears welled up in my eyes as we drove home. I just never thought it could be possible. When we learned about the MAICEI program, my husband and I realized it was a way to make Brian's wish come true.

“We had to change our own outlook on what college meant and how students with intellectual disabilities could go to college just like their siblings. Our son started at Middlesex a few weeks ago. He is so pleased to be on campus, enjoys his acting class, has built a strong relationship with his educational coach and is so excited to be doing travel training. This program was a real leap for us as parents. We are thrilled to have the support to make it a reality.”

—Ann, Parent

Student Spotlight: Joshua B.

Photograph of spotlighted student

Joshua B. is a 21-year-old student who resides in Groton, MA. He began his participation in the MAICEI funded program at Middlesex Community College during the Spring’15 semester. During this time, Josh has worked at community job sites three days a week supported by his sending high school’s vocational program.

Josh is in his fifth semester at MCC and has taken one course each semester. He describes himself as a musician and has had the opportunity to take Music Appreciation, Piano, and Introduction to Music Technology. He has also completed Introduction to Acting and Introduction to Film Production. Josh has reported to us that, “I liked all of my professors because they like to help students.”

Josh has become an engaged member of the college campus and is always willing to participate in student activities offered throughout the year. Some things that Josh liked most about attending Middlesex were all of the different classes the he could take, meeting new college students, working on group projects, and participating in a variety of student activities including stress-buster week, meditation group, Zumba, and using the campus Fitness Center.

Josh worked well with his educational coaches and is proud of his accomplishments in increasing his independence in time management, traveling on public transportation to attend college, and learning new things.

When asked what he would like to tell students thinking about attending MCC’s ICE Program, Josh said, “Welcome to Middlesex. It’s great to be here!”

Campus Overview

Photograph of campus

ICE students at Middlesex Community College use the campus located in Bedford, Massachusetts. More than 13,000 credit students and 7,000 noncredit students attend the college on both Lowell and Bedford campuses. MCC’s mission statement is: At Middlesex Community College, everyone teaches, everyone learns. Collaborative in nature and innovative in practice, we educate, engage, and empower a diverse community of learners. Through transformative opportunities, we challenge and support every student to succeed and lead. Recognizing equity and inclusion as the foundation for excellence and creativity, Middlesex
Community College meets the evolving educational, civic and workforce needs of our local and global communities. MCC offers more than 75 degree and certificate programs, including the Transition Program which is designed for post-secondary students with significant learning disabilities. These students work at unpaid internships in local business settings and earn a Certificate in Office and Business Support after completing two years of specialized non-credit courses in consumer and business skills, independent living, and personal sand social development. Beyond its academic functions, Middlesex stays attuned and responsive to all its varied constituencies through outreach programs and partnerships with schools, businesses, and professional and cultural organizations.