Advancing a Massachusetts Culture of Assessment (AMCOA)

Advancing a Massachusetts Culture of Assessment (AMCOA) is led by a team of faculty and staff from each of the 28 undergraduate campuses, with a goal of helping every campus improve curriculum and learning through development of state-of-the-art programs of learning outcomes assessment. AMCOA was funded by the Davis Educational Foundation from May 2011 until May 2013, achieving unprecedented system-wide collaboration on learning outcomes during that time. It is now primarily supported by the campuses with moderate support from Davis for a technology pilot.


To advance assessment of student learning on public campuses of higher education through information sharing about best practices and campus experiences with assessment, through the provision of faculty and staff professional development opportunities, and through cross-institution, collaborative experiments with assessment approaches and assessment technology. AMCOA Team activities and projects will be geared toward achieving the twin goals of enhancing a campus culture of assessment and strengthening campus assessment capabilities. The AMCOA Team will plan and host regional and statewide conferences, meetings and workshops in Massachusetts to provide public campus faculty and assessment leaders multiple opportunities for sharing information, strategies for solving implementation problems, and new assessment approaches. 


Over 52 members consisting of two representatives for each campus in the Massachusetts system of public higher education (excluding the University of Massachusetts Medical campus) appointed by the respective college or university president/chancellor. Presidents/chancellors are asked to appoint members for two-year terms after which the campus representatives may be reappointed or new campus representatives appointed.


AMCOA Team leadership is shared by the DHE Director of Learning Outcomes Assessment, the DHE Learning Outcomes Assessment Project Coordinator, and the AMCOA Team elected regional chairs, with oversight from DHE's Senior Deputy Commissioner for Academic Affairs.

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