Forms and Brochures


Forms for Newly Eligible Employees

The documents listed below must be provided within 10 business days of an employee’s initial eligibility for ORP coverage.

Forms are provided as PDF documents for completion and printing.All forms must be physically signed and returned promptly to the Plan Administrator at the Board of Higher Education. Copies should be retained for on-site personnel folders.

In addition, the PDF Notice of ORP Eligibility form letter may be used to establish and monitor enrollment deadlines.

Form for Changes in Participant Status

Campus Administrators must report changes in ORP Participants' status to the Plan Administrator as soon as possible using the following form:

Participant Data

Click here to access participant information relating to total Years of Creditable Service and Retiree Income on the DHE database.

ORP Insurance Forms

Conversion Forms

Benefit Forms

Please contact Lynne Goldberg at (617) 994-6960 or if you need claim forms for either Group Life Insurance or Long-Term Disability Insurance.