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Many of our campuses were doing excellent work with Civic Learning before the Board named this as a goal of the Vision Project and created a policy to define and shape it; this initiative provides a way to make that campus-based work visible and to build on it throughout the system.  As this website develops, we want to serve as a clearinghouse for Civic Learning resources developed on the campuses (faculty manuals and other tools, curricular and co-curricular models, research reports, etc.).  If you have produced a resource for Civic Learning on your campus that you think could be useful to other campuses, please send the URL for that resource to Dr. John Reiff, Director of Civic Learning and Engagement, at, and we’ll provide the link for others.

In addition to being important in its own right, campus work on Civic Learning—and in particular, work on Civic Engagement—fosters student development in ways that contribute directly to the Department’s Big Three goals.  Mounting evidence nationally and from within our own system demonstrates that student participation in well-designed Civic Engagement courses helps them develop knowledge, skills, and motivations that close achievement gaps and lead them to persist to graduation at higher rates.  If that engagement is designed to involve them in the learning and development of K-12 students from populations under-represented in higher education, it also helps those younger students develop a vision of the possibility of college and the capacity to get there.


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Apr 25

Commissioners' Visit on Teacher Diversity

Apr 30

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Apr 30

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