UMass Amherst

Photograph of participant students

“As an instructor, I feel as if we learn from this student as much as he learns from us.”

—J. LaBranche, Lecturer, Kinesiology

Program Overview

UMass Amherst began implementing the Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Program on campus in the fall of 2013. MAICEI provides high school students with significant (typically intellectual and/or developmental) disabilities the opportunity to have a college experience alongside their non-disabled peers. The goal of the MAICEI Program is to enhance the academic access, career development and independence skills of its participants. Students spend their time in classes, campus internships, and recreational activities

Participants also attend informal activities with peer mentors and friends such as local cultural events and campus activities. MAICEI students are supported by the MAICEI program coordinator, educational coaches, and peer mentors.


For more information, contact:

UMass MAICEI Program Coordinator
161 Whitmore Administration Building
Amherst, MA 01003
Phone: (413) 545-0892

“Kayleigh has been on time and very focused in the lessons. She takes all of my suggestions well and tries her best to accomplish the tasks. She has also stood on stage and sung her prepared songs along with a small group of other students. She showed composure and confidence and was proud of her performance.

The students, both those singing with her and the others who were listening, were supportive and enjoyed having her participate in this way. Most of my students are planning to be music teachers in the public schools and they all recognize that this presents them with the opportunity to see how students with learning or developmental issues can be served to their benefit. Finally, I myself, enjoy teaching her. She is a lovely person with a good sense of humor and a joy in singing.

What more could I ask of the situation?”

—M. Melnick, Senior Lecturer, Voice

Student Spotlight: Karen Williams

Photograph of spotlighted student

Karen Williams is a 21 year-old student from Amherst High School. As a MAICEI participant with a passion for health and fitness, she enrolled in Nutrition and Kinesiology classes at UMass Amherst. Karen is currently enrolled in a two-hundred level Kinesiology class with a hands-on lab component, in which Karen is actively participating. Although she typically audits her classes, Karen is committed to taking all of the lab exams this semester. She has been called on to answer questions by her professor, and is comfortable answering those questions in front of her peers. Karen has a paid internship at The Body Shop, one of the on-campus gyms. She is well-liked by both the other student workers and faculty there. In her free time on campus, Karen enjoys playing basketball, utilizing the University Recreation Center, attending UMass basketball games, and having lunch with her friends on campus.

During the beginning of the semester, it was proposed that Karen's hours at The Body Shop might be cut due to conflicts in scheduling with non-disabled student workers to supervise Karen. The student workers came up with a solution, and approached their supervisor to tell her that they love working with Karen and would be willing to compromise so Karen could keep her hours. The director of the Body Shop was moved, not only by the students' advocacy for Karen, but with Karen's positive impact on the student workers. When Karen leaves the MAICEI program, she plans on using the skills and knowledge gained through her time in the MAICEI program to work at a fitness center in the community.

“My dad attended UMass when he was younger. I’ve always wanted to follow in his footsteps. Thanks to the MAICEI program, my dream of attending UMass like my dad has finally come true!”

—Jalil C., Student

Campus Overview

Photograph of campus

The University of Massachusetts is a five-campus public research university system renowned for the quality of its academic programs, the scope and excellence of its research, and its enduring adherence to its public service mission. UMass provides access to high-quality, affordable education that advances knowledge and improves the lives of the people of the Commonwealth, the nation and the world.

UMass Amherst, located in Amherst, Massachusetts, sits on nearly 1,450-acres in the scenic Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts, 90 miles from Boston and 175 miles from New York City. The campus provides a rich cultural environment in a rural setting close to major urban centers.