University of Massachusetts Boston

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Program Overview

A planning grant was obtained in Spring 2012. The first cohort of students entered in Fall 2012. The 3rd cohort of students is enrolled (Fall 2014). Both Boston and Braintree Public Schools participate in UMass Boston’s program.

Students take regular undergraduate courses in areas of interest. High School Education coaches and University advisors help students identify appropriate courses.  To date, all students in the MAICEI program have audited courses.  They are able to enroll for credit if they have met the course prerequisites. Returning students in MAICEI and UMass Boston undergraduates serve as mentors for newer students in MAICEI. Students whose career or personal interests match our course offerings are a good fit for the UMass Boston program. 504 accommodations, advising, and career services are routinely used.  For extracurricular activity, enrolled students most often utilize UMass Boston’s recreational and gym facilities. Students can also use their ID to get discounts for community events. In the past, students have traditionally accessed museums and movies off campus. UMass Boston’s MAICEI Initiative is managed by an overall program administrator, an academic specialist, a program manager, a program evaluator, and a mentoring coordinator.

Sample Participating School Districts

For more information:

Contact your high school special education or transition services office. Contacts are coordinated and a visit to UMass Boston can be arranged.

Paula Sotnik
Project Director, Institute for Community Inclusion
100 Morrissey Boulevard Boston, MA 02125
Tel. (617) 590-6409

Campus Overview

Located on Columbia Point in Dorchester, the University of Massachusetts Boston is a public research university with a dynamic culture of teaching and learning, and a special commitment to urban and global engagement. Our vibrant, multi-cultural educational environment encourages our broadly diverse campus community to thrive and succeed. Our distinguished scholarship, dedicated teaching, and engaged public service are mutually reinforcing, creating new knowledge while serving the public good of our city, our commonwealth, our nation, and our world. The University of Massachusetts Boston is known for its commitment to diversity, access, and inclusion.

Students contact offices across campus depending on their needs. The base is the Student Services Center in the College of Education and Human Development. Eight students are in the current MAICEI cohort.