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MassTransfer A2B PATHWAYS
Associate to Bachelor’s

Where To Begin

Complete an approved program at one of the Commonwealth's 15 community colleges and transfer to a state university or University of Massachusetts campus.

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Map of Campuses

Choose Your Major

Our A2B Maps offer the most streamlined Associate to Bachelor’s pathways under MassTransfer, are available in dozens of popular majors, and are eligible for extra savings through the Commonwealth Commitment.

MassTransfer also offers many additional A2B Pathways in a wider array of majors. Benefits may vary, including eligibility for the additional benefits of the Commonwealth Commitment

Save Money

MassTransfer A2B students who transfer with a GPA of 3.00+ save BIG on their bachelor’s degrees.

Complete 60 credits before transferring and save an average of 28% on your bachelor’s degree


Commonwealth Commitment through MassTransfer
Attend full-time through ComCom and save even more—an average of 40%!

Get Rewarded for Good Grades

The better your GPA at community college graduation, the more benefits you are guaranteed.

Minimum GPA upon Completion of Approved Associate Degree
Benefits 2.00+ 2.50+ 3.00+ Notes
Guaranteed transfer of credits Check Check Check Whether credits are applied in your major, as general education, or electives is at the discretion of the receiving institution.
No application fee Check Check Check Application as a MassTransfer student is required.
No application essay Check Check Check
Guaranteed admission Check Check Space permitting in the major and college.
MassTransfer Tuition Credit
Check For two years, provided student:

  • Matriculates within one year of receiving associate degree;
  • Enrolls continuously (full- or part-time) in day program; and
  • Achieves 3.00 GPA after first two semesters.