Massachusetts’ public college and universities have joined together to offer new, quality pathways that greatly reduce the sticker price of a State U or UMass bachelor’s degree, enabling you to pursue a bachelor’s degree and achieve your college dreams with lower student debt.


Transfer Checklist

The earlier you start planning, the better. Use this checklist to stay organized and make sure you're on track to transfer successfully.

Compare Pathways

Before you decide which MassTransfer Pathway is the right choice for you, compare benefits and savings that come with each option.




Course Equivalencies

Make sure the courses you take at your Community College will be accepted at your State U or UMass Campus. Use the online course equivalency database to see where and how your credits will transfer.

Check Tuition Credit Value

Students who complete an A2B Degree with a 3.00 or greater GPA may be eligible to receive MassTransfer Tuition Credit for two years at their State U or UMass Campus.

Advisor Resources

Order promotional materials for MassTransfer and the Commonwealth Commitment, find policy guidelines and admissions requirements for transfer students, and log in to the MassTransfer Portal for Transfer Administrators.