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Massachusetts Guarantee

Where To Begin

Complete your associate degree at a Massachusetts community college and transfer to a participating four-year independent college in the state - admission guaranteed!

What is an independent college?

Independent colleges and universities, also known as private institutions, operate outside of the Massachusetts public system of higher education.


The Massachusetts Guarantee is a partnership agreement between the state’s community colleges and private colleges and universities. Modeled upon the MassTransfer A2B program, Massachusetts community college graduates are able to expand their transfer options, while staying on track to complete their degree.


Check Guaranteed transfer of associate degree credits
Check No application fee or admission essay
Check Guaranteed admission
Given the student has met all eligibility criteria for the selected Massachusetts Guarantee institution and the institution has available capacity within the intended major
Check Junior status upon enrollment
Check Scholarship and financial incentives
Varying by institution

Student Eligibility

Check An associate degree from a Massachusetts community college
Check A minimum GPA of 2.5



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