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MassTransfer Application

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Who Can Complete a MassTransfer Application?

You can apply as a MassTransfer student if you meet the following conditions:

Application Steps

Please use the links below to contact individual institutions if you have questions or need assistance from them. 

  1. Click a school link below to submit an application according to their transfer application process. 

    • You can apply to multiple schools.

    • After you click the school link, you may need to create a “New User Registration” for that school.

    • Select “MassTransfer” in the application if asked.

    • Be sure to click “Submit” at the end of each application.

  2. Send all official college transcripts to the schools you are applying to.

    • An application is not complete without all transcripts.

    • CLEP, AP, and IB scores do not transfer as part of your community college transcript. You will need to reach out to the publishers of each exam for scores to be sent separately.
  3. MassTransfer applicants DO NOT need to submit:

    • Application Fee (Contact the school if you are being asked.)

    • Essay

    • Recommendation Letter

    *A symbol in an application means the item is optional.

  4. Check your email regularly for communication from the receiving institution.

MassTransfer Application Links

Students applying to the following schools should apply online. Use the links below to contact individual institutions if you have questions or need assistance.

*Please check directly with each institution, as deadlines may vary after the preferred filing dates. Some programs may reach capacity.

*Applications for financial aid, housing, early registration and/or certain majors may have earlier deadlines than indicated.


Request Official Community College Transcripts

Click the Community College(s) you attended and request that transcripts be sent to each school you are applying to.


Additional Information


In addition to the application, students must request an official transcript from each college previously attended.

All transcripts must be sent directly to each school to which you applying!

Final Official Transcripts must be sent directly to your intended institution following the completion of your associate’s degree. This is typically in addition to the transcripts you sent with your applications, while still taking courses.

These transcripts and academic records should also be sent directly:

  1. Military Transcripts
  2. International Transcripts with Official Evaluation/Translation
  3. CLEP
  4. AP & IB Scores


MassTransfer Tuition Credit

Visit the MassTransfer Tuition Credit page for more information and estimated award values.  


Commonwealth Commitment

Commonwealth Commitment-level benefits have requirements beyond the A2B-level. Please meet with your academic advisor and visit the Commonwealth Commitment page for more information.



Please check with the admissions and financial aid offices at each school to learn about their school specific scholarships. Some schools may require an application in addition to an admission application.

  • Federal Financial Aid Application - FAFSA