Other Transfer Options

Who is a MassTransfer student?

MassTransfer is a statewide agreement for students transferring within Massachusetts' community colleges, state universities and UMass campuses. With MassTransfer, students who complete the Gen Ed Foundation will have the benefit of satisfying the general education / distribution / core requirements at any other public higher education institution and students who complete an A2B Degree receive the full transfer of credit, guaranteed admission, and a discount based on your final GPA.

Reverse Transfer

Students who transferred from a community college without earning an associate degree may apply credits earned afterwards at a State U or UMass Campus back to their community college, essentially claiming their earned associate degree while staying on track to earn a bachelor’s as well.

Talk to an Advisor About Your Transfer Options

From signing up for the right courses at a community college to applying to a four-year institution, advisors will help you navigate the complicated transfer process.

What are my other options?

Course Equivalency Database

If you are not following one of these MassTransfer pathways, you can use the Course Equivalency Database to search for equivalencies between our community colleges, state universities and University of Massachusetts campuses.

Please note that the Course Equivalency Database is meant to assist with transfer planning, but the information presented here is subject to change and is not a guarantee of acceptance or transferability. Please see your academic program advisor for official equivalency and transfer information.

Campus Equivalency Guides

Many community colleges have additional transfer agreements with public and private colleges and universities that do not fall under the MassTransfer statewide policy. Review individual campus equivalency guides and talk to an advisor at your current school and the school you'd like to transfer to for more information. You may also want to consider these tips:

Massachusetts Independent College Transfer Guarantee

The Massachusetts Independent College Transfer Guarantee (MA-Guarantee) is a partnership agreement between the state’s community colleges and numerous private colleges and universities. Modeled upon the MassTransfer A2B program, Massachusetts community college graduates are able to expand their transfer options, while staying on track to complete their degree.