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MassTransfer A2B Degree
Associate to Bachelor’s

MassTransfer Application

Students who have completed an associate degree with at least a 2.0 GPA and are applying for admission to a Massachusetts state university or University of Massachusetts campus may complete the MassTransfer Application.

The application consists of:

Online Application

Students applying to the following schools should apply online.


Mailed Application

If you are applying to any other state university or UMass campus, you need to use this DOC MassTransfer Application. It should be completed, saved to the computer, printed, and mailed to the intended institution. For contact information, visit the Public Campuses and Transfer Contacts page. Please do not send your application to the Department of Higher Education.


In addition to the application, students must request an official transcript from the Registrar's Office and from any other college previously attended (whether or not you wish to transfer credits). Final transcripts must also be sent following the completion of your associate degree. Have the transcripts sent directly to your intended college.

MassTransfer Preferred Application Filing Date

Some campuses may have later due dates, so check directly with the institution.

Fall Enrollment: March 1
Spring Enrollment: October 15

Qualify for the MassTransfer Tuition Credit

Go to the MassTransfer Tuition Credit page for more information and award values.