Bunker Hill Community College

Photograph of participant students

Program Overview

The MAICEI program at Bunker Hill Community College has been in existence since January 2007.  We began as partners with the University of Massachusetts, Boston and took the lead in 2008. Students are chosen by high school counselors in conjunction with the Disabilities Coordinator at BHCC. Students who experience challenges in their learning but are interested and willing to learn and experience the college environment are excellent matches for the MAICEI program at Bunker Hill.

The majority of MAICEI students’ time at BHCC is spent in the classroom and then working with tutors after class. Recreational and gym facilities are most popular.  Some students utilize the gym; there is one who participated on Gospel Choir and continues to do so, even though he no longer attends classes. The program is administered by a Disabilities Coordinator and an Educational Coach, both of whom have been with the program since its inception.  There are student mentors each semester as well.

For more information, contact:

Andrea Schwartz
Coordinator, Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative
Director of Disability Services
Bunker Hill Community College
250 New Rutherford Ave
Charlestown, MA  02129
(617) 228-3415

Student Spotlight: Genesis Delacruz

Photograph of spotlighted student

Hometown: Boston, MA

A MAICEI student hailing from Boston, Genesis decided to go to BHCC MAICEI program because she “thought it would be fun to learn more and push [herself] to do the homework.”  BHCC has helped her improve her reading, and she feels “more confident in [her] abilities.”  Improving her reading has also improved her ability to explain stories to other people.

“The best experience I’ve had at Bunker Hill so far is making so many new friends”, Genesis noted.  “Meeting people who share similar experiences, such as working at Wentworth, makes me feel happy.” When asked about her greatest achievement this semester at Bunker Hill, Genesis told us about “the grades I’ve earned.  I’ve worked very hard and it’s a great feeling to be rewarded with an A+ on my papers.”

“My future plans include getting a job at a place I enjoy.   I like fashion and would like to work as a sales associate at Rainbow.  I would also like to get my learner’s permit and later, my license.   I’d like to become travel-trained so I can safely get around.  I like to become more independent. My advice to future students is if you’re going to talk, don’t do it in a place where other students are working.  Talking and being loud is distracting for others and makes it hard to concentrate.  Be considerate of those around you.”

Campus Overview

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Bunker Hill Community College serves as an educational and economic asset for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by offering associate degrees and certificate programs that prepare students for further education and fulfilling careers. Our students reflect our diverse local and global community, and the College integrates the strengths of many cultures, age groups, lifestyles and learning styles into the life of the institution. The College provides inclusive and affordable access to higher education, supports the success of all students, and forges vibrant partnerships and pathways with educational institutions, community organizations, and local businesses and industries.

Bunker Hill Community College empowers and inspires students, faculty, and staff diverse in identities, experiences and ideas to make meaningful contributions to our local and global communities. The College embodies a spirit of inquiry, critical thought, inclusive excellence, and lifelong learning.