Massasoit Community College

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Program Overview

Massasoit Community College is in the planning stages of developing an Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment (ICE) Program with an anticipated start date of August 2017. The MAICEI program is a unique dual enrollment opportunity for high school students with severe intellectual disabilities between the ages of 18 and 21 who are currently enrolled in one of the partnering school districts.

Massasoit Community College is excited to partner with the Brockton and Braintree public school districts to design and develop a Massachusetts Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative (MAICEI) program. We look forward to collaborating with our school district partners to design an inclusive program that will smoothly transition students with severe disabilities into college courses and extra-curricular activities to meet their individual goals at their community college. The opportunity afforded by a MAICEI planning grant to engage in an extended, structured planning process will help ensure that we are designing an inclusive program, utilizing existing best practices, and facilitating a seamless service delivery process.

More information on Massasoit’s MAICEI program will be coming soon. Please contact us with any questions!

For more information:

Alice Boyle
Coordinator,  MAICEI Program
Massasoit Community College
1 Massasoit Blvd.
Brockton, MA 02302
508588-9100, x 1082

Student Spotlight: Jake

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Jake is a highly motivated young man attending Massasoit Community College as part of the Massachusetts Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative (MAICEI) program. Jake has the long term desire to run his own baking business. He took a variety of culinary classes while in high school and came to realize that cooking and especially baking is his passion. To aim him in that career direction, he is enrolled in an Introduction to Business course to gain a basic understanding of how a company operates. He is fully engaged in his class, asking questions and contributing to the discussions.

Jake also has an on-campus internship assisting the cooks and servers in the MCC student cafeteria to gain experience in a food preparation setting. Jake is a friendly, inquisitive, and caring young man. We are happy to have him participate in the MAICEI program to further his education and to bring him a step closer to realizing his dreams.