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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Information and Resources

Massachusetts SARA Institutional Application Process

As the SARA portal entity for Massachusetts, the DHE receives applications from institutions seeking to operate under SARA, evaluates the applications, and approves institutions for participation in SARA. The steps of the application process to join SARA in Massachusetts are outlined below:

  1. Institution completes and submits a Massachusetts SARA application and supporting documentation electronically to the DHE.
  2. Institution sends a check in the appropriate amount,according to the DHE’s Massachusetts SARA fee schedule, with a memo titled “Massachusetts SARA Application Fee” to the appropriate physical address as outlined on the Massachusetts SARA Fee Schedule and Payment Information page.
  3. Upon submission of the electronic application, supporting documentation, and the institution’s fee payment, the DHE will notify the institution that its application is under review.
  4. If additional supporting documentation is required, the DHE will notify the institution of the documentation required to complete its SARA application. No further review will take place until the application is deemed to be complete.
  5. Once the application is complete, the DHE will review the institutional application for compliance with SARA eligibility requirements, and will notify the institution of the application’s approval, rejection, or provisional approval.
  6. If an institution is approved or provisionally approved to operate under SARA in Massachusetts, the DHE will notify NEBHE and NC-SARA of the institution’s approval or conditional approval to participate in SARA. The institution’s primary and secondary SARA contacts will then receive confirmation of institutional approval, and a payment link sent via the NC-SARA system ( to pay its institutional fee to NC-SARA. Please note: the NC-SARA membership fee is in addition to, and separate from, the Massachusetts SARA membership fee. The institution will not be considered a member of SARA until both the Massachusetts and NC-SARA membership fees have been processed.
  7. Once the NC-SARA membership payment is processed, the two institution contacts listed on the institution’s Massachusetts SARA application will receive a receipt and welcome letter via email from NC-SARA. The institution will then also be listed on the NC-SARA and Massachusetts SARA approved institution websites.

Later this year, the DHE will update this website regarding timelines and application requirements for institutions’ required annual renewal of membership in SARA. At this time, information about the renewal process can be found in 610 CMR 12.05.

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