Partnership to Advance Collaboration and Efficiencies (PACE)

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Partnership to Advance Collaboration and Efficiencies (PACE) is a collaborative initiative of Massachusetts’ nine state universities and 15 community colleges. The PACE mission is to lead a systematic effort for campus collaborations which will benefit each institution, their geographic region and the Commonwealth. It is designed to promote cost savings and operational efficiencies, increase productivity and improve service delivery.

The activities of PACE are directed by the PACE Steering Committee. The Committee’s shared belief is that cooperation among Massachusetts state universities and community colleges carries with it tremendous benefits for each institution, its students and the public at large.

PACE is actively engaged with its member institutions in activities that will produce cost savings and efficiencies in the short and long-term. By working together, the 24 institutions can bolster levels of efficiency, increase productivity, and improve the delivery of services to constituents. A collective commitment to collaboration and efficiency generates savings for every campus. These savings can be targeted to students in need of financial assistance making a college education both affordable and accessible.

Current PACE initiatives are focused on cooperative efforts aimed to increase joint purchasing, achieve savings, preserve resources, expand shared services, improve efficiencies and enhance the academic and social opportunities for students.

> Read the 2014 PACE Annual Report

> Read the PACE Charter (Updated March 19, 2018)

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