Public Notices and Opportunity for Public Comment (M.G.L. c. 69, s. 30)

The following is a list of notices, by date of publication, for articles of organization or foreign certificates of incorporation filed by institutions of higher education (“IHE”) proposing to grant degrees in Massachusetts, including proposals from new institutions of higher education (“IHE”) filing Articles of Organization and seeking initial degree-granting authority in the Commonwealth pursuant to 610 CMR 2.00; existing IHEs seeking to file Amended Articles of Incorporation to add new degrees under their existing degree-granting authority; IHEs seeking to change their name; and consensual, administrative revocations of the degree-granting authority of IHEs authorized to grant degrees in Massachusetts but are no longer doing so and where the IHEs do not request an administrative hearing pursuant to M.G.L. c. 69, s. 30A. Please click on a link to view the corresponding notice.  

All persons interested in submitting comments on the below public notices may do so in writing by the date indicated in the notice. Please refer to the full notice for the email and mailing addresses for submitting comments. The Department of Higher Education is not required to respond to comments; however, all comments received by the date indicated in the notice will be reviewed and considered. 

The date published marks the beginning of the 21 calendar day public comment period as established in the Board of Higher Education’s Policy Establishing a Process for Public Comment on Articles of Organization and Foreign Certificates of Institutions of Higher Education.

Articles of Organization / Certificates of Incorporation / New Institutions

There are no articles of organization/certificates of incorporation/new institutions open for public comment at this time.

New Degree Programs

Date posted: April 3, 2024 (Comments accepted through April 24, 2024)

Institutional Name Changes

There are no institutional name changes open for public comment at this time.

Consensual Revocations of Degree-Granting Authority

There are no consensual revocations of degree-granting authority open for public comment at this time.

Retroactive Approvals

There are no retroactive approvals open for public comment at this time.

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