Statement from the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education

To Becker College Students, Parents and Members of the Campus Community:

The Becker College Board of Trustees has notified the Department of Higher Education (Department) that the institution will permanently cease academic programming at the end of the current academic year and will provide support and transitional services to students through August 31, 2021.

While the Department acknowledges that any institutional closure is challenging for members of a campus community, we appreciate the progress the President and staff have made to date to identify multiple transfer options for students to continue their degrees with minimal disruption. The Department remains committed to continuing to work closely with the institution to support an orderly closure process and to ensure that all available resources are leveraged to support students and staff.

The Department of Higher Education has established an independent website to provide information and resource links to assist Becker students and families:

Further information, including memoranda of understanding with other institutions and curriculum maps outlining transfer opportunities, is available at the Becker College site: