Becker College Closure

Please continue to check in as DHE will be updating this webpage with more information as it becomes available. Though Becker College will be ceasing academic programming at the end of this academic year, and providing support and transitional services through August 31, 2021, it continues to provide updated information on student transitions to new programs, which can be found at

Current Update

As of March 29, 2021

The Becker College Board of Trustees has notified the Department of Higher Education (DHE) that Becker College will permanently cease academic programming at the end of the current academic year and will provide support and transitional services to students through August 31, 2021. Read the statement from Becker College here, and from DHE here.

While any institutional closure is challenging for members of a campus community, Becker College’s President and staff have made substantial progress in identifying multiple transfer options for students to continue their degrees with minimal disruption. DHE remains committed to working closely with Becker College to support an orderly closure process to ensure that all available resources are leveraged to support students and staff.

On March 2, 2021, DHE issued a legally required public notification PDF indicating that Becker College’s financial situation had become sufficiently uncertain such that the DHE believed that the institution was unlikely to sustain full operations through the next academic year. Since then, Becker College has been engaged in contingency closure planning with the DHE, including developing academic pathways for each academic program to provide students with multiple options that will enable them to complete their degree requirements.

These agreements will allow students to move to a new institution without worrying about the deadlines most institutions have in place for admissions decisions. Students are certainly able to explore their own pathways and speak with schools to discuss transferring; however, the pathways Becker College has prepared take into account students’ anticipated graduation year and credits completed with satisfactory grades, and typically seek to include financial packages at the same cost or lower than their Becker College costs.

Information about transfer agreements and resources for students, family members, faculty, and staff will continue to be posted on Becker College’s website, and cross-referenced here as necessary.

  • Becker College’s student records, including transcripts, are still in the custody of Becker College. You may request a copy of your transcript by following the instructions on Becker College’s website:
  • Transfer advising to former Becker College students continues to be available through the Becker College campus free of charge. A Call Center has been established to answer any additional questions you may have, which can be reached at: 1-844-505-8070.
  • Becker College continues to receive requests from institutions to “teach out” Becker College’s programs. DHE has already approved several of these requests and continues to review additional pathways for students. These approvals involve detailed assessments of the curriculum at Becker College and the proposed transfer institution to ensure that the programs are as closely aligned as possible to allow for an easier transition for students and a greater possibility of credit transfer. Approved “teach out” programs and transfer options will continue to be posted on Becker College’s webpage, including memoranda of understanding with other institutions and curriculum maps that outline transfer opportunities, at: Academic Pathways – Becker College (
  • For questions related to student loan discharge, you can reach out to:
  • If you have any additional questions, please email us at

Becker College Program & Teach-Out Proposals Received

Updated: April 14, 2021, 3:00p.m.

AS in Animal care

Institution: Mount Wachusett Community College
Proposal: To teach out this program from July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2023
Status: Proposal approved by DHE on April 13, 2021