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Meeting Agenda 1


Board of Higher Education Executive Committee


Monday, January 24, 2022
2:30 p.m.


Due to COVID-19 regulations, this meeting will be held virtually over zoom and available to public to join as a webinar.

  1. Call to Order
    1. BHE 22-23 Approval of Letter of Intent of Berkshire Community College to Award the Associate of Science in Mechatronics and Authorization for Fast Track Review
    2. BHE 22-24 Approval of Letter of Intent of Bridgewater State University to Award the Master of Arts in Public Relations and Authorization for Fast Track Review
    3. BHE 22-25 Approval of Board of Higher Education Motions BHE 22-23 and BHE 22-24 on a Consent Agenda
    4. BHE 22-26 FY2022 MSCBA Rent Certificate
    5. BHE 22-27 MSCBA Project – Fitchburg State University Elliot Field Renovations
    6. BHE 22-28 MSCBA Project – Fitchburg State University Main Street Theater
    7. BHE 22-29 MSCBA Project – Massachusetts College of Art & Design Food Service Improvements
    8. BHE 22-30 MSCBA Project – Massachusetts Maritime Academy Patriot II Pier Upgrades
    9. BHE 22-31 MSCBA Project – Massasoit Community College Allied Health and Science Facilities
    10. BHE 22-32 MSCBA Project – Salem State University BOLD Campus Unification and Modernization
    11. BHE 22-33 MSCBA Project – Westfield State University Tim and Jeanne’s Dining Commons Dish Machine Replacement
    12. BHE 22-34 Approval of Board of Higher Education Motions BHE 22-27 and BHE 22-33 on a Consent Agenda
  3. Discussion
    1. Reports from Advisory Council Chairs
      1. Strategic Planning
      2. Finance and Administrative Policy
    2. Review of Advisory Council Membership and Nominations (potential votes)
    3. Search for a New Commissioner
  4. Other Business
  5. Adjournment

1 The above listings of matters before the Executive Committee of the Board of Higher Education are those reasonably anticipated by the Chair of the Board to be discussed at the meeting. Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items, not listed, may also be brought up for discussion, to the extent such is permitted by law.

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