Table 1. Title 38, Part 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)

The application for institutions seeking initial approval requests detailed information on all areas listed in the below table.

Approval Criteria Non-Accredited Institutions Accredited Institutions
Period of Operation CFR 21.4251 CFR 21.4251
Accreditation Status CFR 21.4254(a) CFR 21.4253
Quality, Content and Length CFR 21.4254(c)(1) CFR 21.4253
Qualifications of Personnel CFR 21.4254(c)(1), (c)(2), (c)(3), (c)(12) CFR 21.4253
Adequacy of Facilities CFR 21.4254(b)(10), (c)(2) CFR 21.4253
Financial Soundness CFR 21.4254(c)(9)  
Advertising, Sales, Enrollment Practices CFR 21.4252(h) CFR 21.4254(c)(10) CFR 21.4252(h)
Enrollment Policy CFR 21.4254(b)(4) CFR 21.4253(e)(2)
School Calendar CFR 21.4254(b)(3), (c)(1)    
Fee Schedule
CFR 21.4254(b)(8)    
Refund Policy CFR 21, 4254(c)(13), (b)(9), CFR 21.4255  
Attendance Policy
CFR 21.4254(b)(5) CFR 21.4253(d)(2)
Progress Standards CFR 21.4254(b)(6), (c)(7) CFR 21.4253(d)(1), (d)(2), (s)(4)
Conduct Policy CFR 21.4254(b)(7), (c)(7)
CFR 21.4253(d)(1)(i), (d)(4)
Credit for Previous Education CFR 21.4254(b)(12), (c)(4) CFR 21.4253(d)(3)
Programs Precluded
CFR 21.4252,  CFR 21.4265(a) CFR 21.4252
Enrollment Limitations CFR 21.4201,  CFR 21.4254(c)(11) CFR 21.4201
Programs at a Branch or Extension
CFR 21.4266 CFR 21.4266
Program Outlines CFR 21.4254(c)(5), (b)(11)    
Resident Instruction CFR 21.4200(o)(i), (g), (r); 21.4280(f) CFR 21.4200(o)(i), (g), (r); 21.4280(f)
Cooperative Training

CFR 21.4233(a) CFR 21.4233(a)

CFR 21.4200(o)(iii),  CFR 21.4256 CFR 21.4200(o)(iii),  CFR 21.4256
Independent Study CFR 21.4280(c) CFR 21.4280(c)
Practical Training CFR 21.4265 CFR 21.4265
Combinations of Instruction
CFR 21.4233,  CFR 21.4273(c),  CFR 21.4279 CFR 21.4233,  CFR 21.4273(c),  CFR 21.4279
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