Spend Analysis

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A spend analysis of each of the 24 institutions is being conducted by PACE. This will help PACE to identify vendors that are common among the institutions and determine if contracts with these vendors can be renegotiated for better prices and terms.

Insurance Review

Through a survey and analysis of the participating campuses, ARI Risk Management Consultants concluded a risk and insurance review. Next steps as of March 2015 include opportunities for joint purchasing of insurance coverage.

Bookstore Assesment

A bookstore assessment was conducted which included site visits, financial, contractual and operational reviews. Participating campuses are in the process of reviewing the assessment. Next steps will include the issuance of an RFP and vendor negotiations.

Energy Services

Though a number of institutions have benefited through PACE’s efforts in this area, the exploration of a joint energy purchasing opportunity is underway for the purchase of natural gas and electricity (commodity purchase).

HR Training Professional Development and Travel

PACE is currently doing an early stage assessment on both of these topics to determine if a collaborative effort can achieve efficiencies and cost savings.

Meetings & Events

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Board of Higher Education Meeting

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Task Force on Nursing Education and Workforce Development Meeting

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