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Program Overview

Massasoit Community College has supported a thriving MAICEI (Massachusetts Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative) program since September 2017. It began with 2 partner districts and 4 students and grew to 10 students from 5 districts in the span of three years! MAICEI students at Massasoit Community College enroll in a wide range of inclusive courses that appeal to their interests and goals for the future. Students are accompanied to campus by an Educational Coach from their district who supports them with all aspects of their college experience, from academics, to vocational skills, to social activities. MAICEI staff, partner district professionals, and ed coaches work in tandem to promote self-determination, self-advocacy, increased independence, and improved social skills for all students.

While on campus at Massasoit, MAICEI students are encouraged to take advantage of all that is offered to students – engagement in Student Life sponsored activities; use of the field house for exercising; hanging out in the dining hall, doing homework in the library, participating in clubs, and more. They have opportunities to take part in on-campus internships to practice work skills and have regularly scheduled meetings with program staff to review challenges and celebrations. 

Participating School Districts

For more information:

Alice Boyle
Coordinator,  MAICEI Program
Massasoit Community College
(508) 588-9100 x 1082

Read what the MCC community and MAICEI students have to say about the program:

College was a fun experience. It was fun doing a new thing.

—MAICEI Student

It has been a pleasure for the library to work with MAICEI Interns…They have always been helpful and pleasant.

—Library Director

[MAICEI student] did an outstanding job with ALL of his assignments and verbal presentations…I was so impressed… he exceeded my expectations!


It has been a pleasure to know [MAICEI student] and to have him inone of my Beginning Spanish I classes. He is truly a fine student


It’s been an amazing experience.

—MAICEI Student

Student Spotlight: Jake

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Jake is a highly motivated young man attending Massasoit Community College as part of the Massachusetts Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative (MAICEI) program. Jake has the long term desire to run his own baking business. He took a variety of culinary classes while in high school and came to realize that cooking and especially baking is his passion. To aim him in that career direction, he is enrolled in an Introduction to Business course to gain a basic understanding of how a company operates. He is fully engaged in his class, asking questions and contributing to the discussions.

Jake also has an on-campus internship assisting the cooks and servers in the MCC student cafeteria to gain experience in a food preparation setting. Jake is a friendly, inquisitive, and caring young man. We are happy to have him participate in the MAICEI program to further his education and to bring him a step closer to realizing his dreams.

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