Statement from the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education

To Bay State College Students, Parents and Members of the Campus Community:

Bay State College leadership has notified the Department of Higher Education (Department) that the institution will cease to operate as an accredited degree-granting institution by August 31, 2023. A copy of Bay State College’s statement may be accessed here. The majority of Bay State College’s currently enrolled 154 students are expected to graduate by August 31, and the Department anticipates that fewer than 50 students will need to transfer to other institutions to complete their programs.

The Department has been working closely with Bay State staff and administrators on closure planning to ensure that all students have multiple transfer options that will allow students to continue their education with minimum disruption, on the timeline they choose. The Department will also ensure that Bay State College provides sufficient support and transitional services to students through August 31, 2023.

The Department will continue to work closely with Bay State College to support an orderly closure process and to ensure that all available resources are leveraged to assist students, staff, and the greater Bay State College community impacted by this news. The Department of Higher Education has established an independent website to provide information and resource links to assist Bay State College students and families at: Bay State College Updates/ Massachusetts Department of Higher Education.

Department staff remain available via email at to address any questions you may have.

Further information, including memoranda of understanding with other institutions and curriculum maps outlining transfer opportunities, is available from Bay State College’s Office of Outplacement Services, which can be reached by calling 617-655-5251 or 617-217-9739, or emailing