Deferred Retiree Status

The plan administrator determines ORP participants’ eligibility for retiree insurance benefits. A deferred retiree is an ORP participant who meets these criteria:

  1. The employee must be a participant in the ORP. This means that they maintain assets in the program.

Special Note: Deferred retirees may draw funds from the ORP at any time. However, they must leave a minimum amount in the plan to preserve their eligibility for Retiree Insurance benefits at a later date. Go to preserving eligibility to learn about the minimum requirements.

  1. The participant has accrued at least ten (10) years of creditable service for GIC purposes. Total years of creditable service for ORP participants are the sum of their Years of Participation in the ORP and any creditable service with the State Employees’ Retirement System.
  2. The participant purchases insurance coverage from the GIC (e.g. health care; life insurance; dental coverage).

Premium Rate & Billing: Deferred retirees pay the full premium rate for the coverage they purchase from the GIC. The Commission sends a direct bill to the participant for each month’s premiums.

Status Change: A deferred retiree may change their status to these other statuses at a future date:


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