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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Information and Resources

Post-Employment Benefits

Group Insurance Commission (GIC) Post-Employment Benefits

The Commonwealth provides certain insurance benefits for employees who terminate employment with the state and meet specific age and service requirements. These benefits include:

Former employees’ survivors may be eligible for these benefits too. If they are, then the provisions governing your income from the ORP and related insurance premium deductions will also apply to them. Consequently, you should incorporate these requirements in your financial and retirement planning. You should contact the GIC to determine if your survivors meet their definition of those who would be eligible for insurance coverage after your death.

The GIC administers the post-employment benefits. You can go directly to the GIC website for information about their insurance coverage and premium rates.

Employees who are eligible for post-employment benefits may access them under one of these two statuses:

The ORP plan administrator determines participants’ eligibility and status for post-employment benefits. This information is updated and reported to the GIC monthly.

Your Status with the GIC

Your status with the Group Insurance Commission (and any changes to your status) must be reported to the GIC on their GIC Form-1.

On Campus: Your campus benefits administrator will help you complete Form-1, authorize it, and send it to the GIC on your behalf.

Off Campus: If you are no longer on campus, contact the plan administrator to assist you with completing the Form-1. The Administrator will authorize and submit it to the GIC for you.


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