Re-employment of an ORP Participant

No restrictions: ORP participants who are re-employed by the Commonwealth may be offered any position, without restrictions of maximum workload, earnings and/or benefits re-calculation, even in cases where the participant has drawn or is currently drawing benefits from the plan except that participants may draw funds from the Plan only when they are re-employed in a non-benefited position.

Am I Eligible for a New Election Period?

When new employees are hired into ORP-eligible positions, they are entitled to a 180-day election period during which they may choose between the ORP and the MSERS as their retirement plan.

In cases of re-employment of a former ORP participant in a benefited position, an employee will be eligible for a new election period only if they have incurred a break in participation. A break in participation occurs when an ORP participant has:

  1. Terminated employment with the Commonwealth, and
  2. Accrued fewer than six months of participation in a 12-month period. A month of participation in the ORP is any month during which a contribution is made to the plan.


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